Proudly serving the Greater Dallas area since 1977

Specializing in sprinkler system repairs, add-ons, foundation drips and tune ups.

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System Repair

From repairing broken lines, controllers, valve repair or replacement, adjustment of heads and electrical trouble shooting. We repair all types of systems even if we did not install it.


We offer add-ons to existing sprinkler systems. Periodically your system may need to be updated due to landscaping changes, or to just add on around swimming pools.

Foundation Drip

Consistent, even moisture around your home's foundation is critical. A foundation drip system can be added on to your existing sprinkler system and controller if applicable.

Spring Tune Up

Annually we will schedule an appointment to turn your sprinkler system back on. We will make any necessary repairs to piping, adjustment of heads, unstopping of nozzles, and re-setting of the timer.

Winterization Service

To prepare for the winter season it will be necessary to drain and turn off your system to prevent damage caused from freezing conditions. This will save you money from costly repairs in the spring.

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McCommas Irrigation is a family owned business, who has been serving the greater Dallas area for over 40 years.

Specializing in residential sprinkler repair during that time, McCommas Irrigation is a wise choice that offers old fashioned values in todays market. We take pride in our experience, customer service, and competitive rates. Additional services such as foundation drips, add-ons, and French drains are also available.

Please call 972-530-7316 and set an appointment today!

Owner and operator
Steve and Clinton McCommas

License #LI0001634